Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos

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Kona, Hawaii
Kona, Hawaii
Panaewa Zoo - Hilo, Hawaii
Red Fuzzy Tomentum

Habitat and Distribution

Endemic to Madagascar.


A medium sized, solitary palm with distinct rusty brownish-orange colored crownshaft that sports a fuzzy tomentum from which it's common name, The Teddybear Palm, comes from. The trunk can swell to a girth of about 6 inches and is distinctly ringed with the newest parts being green covered in a white powder. The leaves are exceptionally long with virtually no petiole. Often the leaflets get bent around in the wind and are held at various angles giving this palm a bit of a disheveled look, but the overall beauty is still not comprimised.


Loves water and responds well to fertilizer. Grows in bright filtered light to full sun but can get leggy and ratty looking if grown in lower light levels, therefore full sun tends to produce a more beautiful palm. Can handle a light frost with damage but usually will recover with no lasting effects.


Some D. leptocheilos exibit a heel and some don't.