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Palmpedia is a wiki project to create a free, comprehensive, and innovative international palm reference and resource. This project, with the help of Palm Enthusiasts around the globe, has the potential to have up-to-date information on every species of palm in the world. Along with Hi-Resolution images and other features, Palmpedia could, with your help, evolve into an unsurpassed knowledge base. Check out the Help page to see how you can edit any page right now, or the Project page for more information about PalmPedia and getting involved. Anyone can showcase their own garden or another, and easily update and improve their page in the Palm Pictorials section. Or write an article, with your photos, if you have an interesting angle on anything to do with palms. Or just add a tidbit about a particular species every now and then. Click the links directly below to get started.

  • Hi Res Photos  including:
  •      Habitat and Distribution
  •      Descriptions
  •      Cultural Requirements
  •      Curiosities
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  • Specially Devised Cold Hardiness Ranking - By Species (Not Temperature)
  • Glossary
  • Book Reviews
  • Palm Organizations
  • Websites