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Eh Komo Mai or in English, come on in and enjoy my palms.

I have two acres here on the dry side on O`ahu, Hawai`i. I've been collecting palms for about 12 years now although I've owned the property for over 30 years. It's quite dry here w/annual rainfall a little better than 30 inches per year. That would be about 762 millimeters, gee that sound like alot :-)

I water with a combination of a drip system and little spray heads on the 1/2 inch poly pipe that I use on the drip system. I'm slowly switching away from the drip to the spray heads.

With Dean's help I'll try to set up a series of short movies to show off what I've done and so you can watch this work in progress.

The first two movies are from way back on my property, about 500 feet from the house. There are a series of 7 terraces that I began working on in the summer of 2005 and began planting that fall. Most of the palms on the upper terraces have been in the ground for 2 + years. The lowest terraces have much younger plants.

Dean and I are playing around over the net to see what settings on my still camera will produce the best results. THESE MOVIES LOAD AND PLAY IMMEDIATELY WITH FIREFOX

On a PC, QuickTime is needed to view these slide shows. You probably already have it, so try first. But if not - GET QUICKTIME These also play immediately on a Mac.

If you still use Internet Explorer, you may need to wait about a minute before they will start playing. Try Firefox. It's a quick painless installation, and a much better browser.

Enjoy !!!!

MOVIE #1 PART #1 - First three of seven terraces planted w/palms and shade trees. Begun in 2005 with most planting done in October of 2005. Voice introduction to the palms.

MOVIE #2 PART #2 - Audio comments about the palms on the top 4 terraces

MOVIE #3 PART #3 - Under the shade of a few "Be Still" trees and a "Kou" tree I have planted seven different palms. The area is a dry stream bed where I built up raised beds on both sides of the "stream" by digging down)