Pritchardia schattaueri

Geoff Stein - Author & Editor

Pronunciation: prih-CHAR-dee-uh SHAH-ter-eye

Common Name: Schautteri's Loulu Palm

Pritchardia schattaueri is one of the tallest growing of the Pritchardias, though whether that will make any difference in California is not known. In Hawaii this palm grows over 120', though such individuals are very rare. It is distinguished by very large leaves and tend to droop a bit (possibly due to the large size and weight of the blade).

Appearance and Biology
  • Habit: solitary with a crown of 6-20 fan leaves
  • Height: 40' estimate
  • Trunk: single; 1' thick; grey and fairly smooth
  • Crownshaft: none
  • Spread: 18'-20'
  • Leaf Description: palmate with a bit of costapalmate character; 10' long (half of that petiole) and nearly 6' wide; medium green; drooping at the junction of the petiole and leaf a bit, as well as having fairly droopy leaflet tips; divided about half the length of the leaf; small skirt of persistent dead leaves often present
  • Petiole/Leaf bases: 5' long; unarmed; un-split bases
  • Reproduction: monoecious
  • Inflorescence: 5' long; pendulous
  • Fruit: spherical; 2" thick; black when ripe
Horticultural Characteristics
  • Minimum Temp: 29F
  • Drought Tolerance: low
  • Dry Heat Tolerance: moderate
  • Cool Tolerance: low
  • Wind Tolerance: low
  • Salt Tolerance: unknown
  • Growth Rate: slow
  • Soil Preference: adaptable
  • Light Requirement: partial to full sun
  • Human Hazards: none
  • Disease or Horticultural Problems: none
  • Transplants?: unknown
  • Indoor?: unknown
  • Availability: rare to very rare