Trachycarpus princeps and Trachycarpus princeps-green (Nova)

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    Here is a comparison between T.princeps and T.princeps-green(Nova)

    Leave Color: T.princeps is a bluish palm and nova is a dark green one different from the gray green of T.fortunei.

    Roots: T.princeps has very deep roots and 1 year old seedling could develop over 20cm long roots whereas nova spreads its ambient roots more evenly .

    Leaves: T.princeps seedlings of 1 year old have quite slim strap leaves of less than 20cm long,normally 15cm similar to T.fortunei and 0.5-2cm wide as opposed to long and wide leaves of 20-40cm and 3-4cm respectively.
    Princeps leaves are spreading horizontally whereas those of nova stand almost upright.

    Growth Rate: T.princeps has normal growth speed but T.nova is by far the fastest growing trachycarpus and puts out split leaflets within 1 year and even hair on the trunk before split leaves occur.

    Seeds: T.princeps has much smaller seeds than its counterpart.

    Similarities: First of all, both are from the stone gate area.and plus the other thing we see both have in common is that the new emerging leave segments are very narrow for both young seedlings before becoming wider .


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