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Mar 14, 2019
    1. Moose
      e-mail address
    2. Kipjanet
      I'll give you a hand with your auction let me know if you need some tables for the plants I have a couple I could bring kip sorry to about people in your yard taking plants pocomo has a theory about it talk to him I saw him 2days ago and he mention it
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    3. Crazy for Crotons
      Crazy for Crotons
      Hi Ron,

      How've you been? I've not done much in the garden this year because of the little one. I need to get back into it now that she's requiring a bit less attention.

      Do you know where I can get a Weismanii and Juliette Delarue? Both of mine developed root rot and died a slow, horrible death to quote Faith Bishock.

      I'll be at the Searle sale in October and hope to see you then.

    4. Laisla
      Thanks Moose!
    5. palmisland
      Hey Ron, Are you around the house this week??? I'm due for a winter trek to Mooseland.

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    6. Native son
      Native son
      :eek:Moose a newbie here I have been looking in since the Boca meeting and thought it might be time to check in. Did you I'd that plant?
    7. Moose
      Billy - there is a free classified section here on Palmpedia
    8. Bills
      mr moose dont know protocall on forum but i will be liqidating all plants palm s aeaes oldmans kenta and many more
    9. JoseLopez
      hey moose, did you see my picture in the thread? also check out my new photos in my album.
    10. palmisland
      Is the garden off Griffin Bob Sabourn's house?
      1. Moose
        Aug 20, 2014
    11. rpebinger
      Moose - puttin' ya on notice - the Mrs. & I are plannin on visting Searle-land again the wknd of 3/2/12. I hope to see you and your better half around and about. Looking forward to it ~ Rich
    12. Benny
      Thanks Moose!
    13. rpebinger
      Hey Moose,

      rpebinger here....wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tremendous generosity this past weekend. I'm going to try and get some size to your babies before planting them out in the spring. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife - and look forward to seeing you again at another palm/croton event down teh road.

      Thanks again Senor Moose!

      Rich (rpebinger)
    14. junglegal
      Funny. I'd be willing initially BUT would change the set up. A couple east & west coasters, a rep fron INCONUS and OCONUS too. Set it up like a voting committee. No prez. Comittee rules with member feedback. We'd have members for offline/online marketing, a mod, a money/membership rep etc...takes pressure off everyone. Just my 2 cents
    15. ScotTi
      Welcome Back Moose !
      1. Moose
        good to be back
        Aug 20, 2014
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