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=<span style="color:blue"THE HAWAII ISLAND PALM SOCIETY</span>

On April 4, the Hawaii Island Palm Society sponsored a slideshow presentation by Jeff Marcus of Floribunda Palms about his recent palm expedition to Madagascar. At the University of Hawaii in Hilo, over one hundred people gathered to hear about Jeff and Suchin's trip with the Madagascar palm expert himself, Dr. John Dransfield.

Some photos have been added to the original presentation to add to your viewing pleasure. During Jeff's "introduction," photos taken by Gary Levine of the people and landscape of the island have been inserted. A few photos by Kim Cyr have also been included. Some of Jeff's original photos were also contributed by Jeff Brusseau, who accompanied Jeff on the trip. Thanks to all.

Below is a link to the online rendition of both parts of this informative presentation. Part 1 is a little over and hour, and Part 2 is a little under. So reserve some time, turn on your speakers, and sit back and enjoy.