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Feel free to add palm names below, in alphabetical order, that you'd like to see in the next edition of the "Palms For Southern California" handbook. Please list only new palms, that do not already appear in the book.

Click the "Edit" tab above to type in the palm names. You must be logged in as a registered member for the "Edit" tab to appear. Please note that registering for Palmpedia takes a little more time these days due to the increased attempts by hackers to gain access to wikis. Since you have many editing powers once admitted, we must verify that you are not "evil." But it is still easy and painless.

  • Bentinckia condapanna
  • Ceroxylon echinulatum
  • Copernicia macroglossa
  • Cyphophoenix abla
  • Dypsis plumosa
  • Dypsis prestoniana
  • Heterospathe barfodii
  • Kentiopsis pyriformis
  • Kerriodoxa elegans
  • Pritchardia bakeri
  • Tahina spectabilis