Basselinia eriostachys

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Basselinia (bas-seh-lin-EE-ah)
eriostachys (ehr-ee-oh-STAHK-ihs)
Mont Panié. Alt. 1600 m.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Basselinia (bas-seh-lin-EE-ah)
eriostachys (ehr-ee-oh-STAHK-ihs)
Cyphokentia eriostachys.
Native Continent
Habit: Clustering
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Basselinia eriostachys is found in New Caledonia.
Mt. Canala, New Caledonia.
This species is known from the North East of Grande Terre (Touho - Ignambi)., 800m. to 1600 m. In the undergrowth of the rainforest, and riparian formation. substratum: On ground more or less deep colluvium or alluvium, on vulcano-sedimentary substrate.


Small palm; stem simple, usually in clumps of 5-8 stems repeated. An elegant, slender, clustering palm, that is relatively common in New Caledonia, and that has long been regarded as a form of B. gracilis. Recent DNA work has shown, however, that it would better be regarded as a species in its own right. Editing by edric.


In cultivation it is a rewarding and relatively easy to grow palm for the tropical and warm temperate garden.

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