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Winter's window of coldest nights has passed..

Discussion in 'INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, PROVOCATIVE, EDUCATIONAL' started by Stan, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    The bay area's coldest weather has faded. Our dangerous nights are between mid December and January. This year the last of that dangerous time is actually warming up- near record or record warm. So,by the time we return to rains and cool after that..we are long past potential freezes.
    So far..no damage to PetraCroton,Delonix or Maridol Papaya. And this is the first winter I can remember that tropical deciduous plants of mine still are in leaf.
    Now,no more freezes in California doesn't mean summer,or even spring..its a netherworld for the tropicals. I think they do pick up on the longer days even as cool winds whip them in Jan and Feb. And the here and there sunny 70+'s do their job on them.
    I'm looking forward to that warmup.
  2. Dypsisdean

    Dypsisdean Administrator Staff Member

    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    All I can say is I wish you continued good luck. I can remember how long January seemed when living in SoCal. And I also remember the famed "Valentine's Day Massacre" back in the 80s that caught everyone by surprise in mid-Feb.
  3. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dean,it's possible we could get cold...but,the last 20 years or so has been steady for nothing very cold past mid January. I'm predicting a frost free rest of the year for the coast for sure,maybe well inland too.
    Going for near 70f tomorrow,warmer Wednesday.
    I wonder if no frost or freezes like SF has every year nowadays makes it subtropical?
  4. Oh myyy, I wouldn't count on it. The Bay Area is gonna get occasional frosts for another two months, or at least that's my prediction. Got a coldframe for your warm season plants? I had one in Napa, several years ago, and I was able to keep tomato plants alive throughout the winter.

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