Which Dypsis for my Zone 9, central Florida Sandpile

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  1. KeithinSoJax

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    Jacksonville, FL Zone 9a/b
    OK, I know there are several Dypsis fans on this board. My new place is on a sandpile (a.k.a., Florida's "Ridge"). Unfortunately its' also at the bottom of a frost hole meaning I'm 10 degrees colder than the warmest microclimates nearby. :mad: But, on the upside, there's 1.4 acres for planting. Last winter was a frosty zone 9b winter...and most folks thought it was a mild winter. So, I'm figuring I have a zone 9a climate with average lows between 20 and 25F. Queen palms grow fine here, and Pygmy Dates survive too, though they lose all of their leaves in a cold winter. (I didn't plant them, the prior owner did). So, how do y'all think Dypsis decipiens would do here? If I plant it in dry sand, will it adapt? How cold can they really endure? Finally, will they tolerate the winter lows? Right now the only Dypsis in the garden is D lutescens I have left over from a fertilizer experiment I ran about 10 years ago. It's recovered from some pretty harsh treatment (neglect) over the years, so I planted it into the ground this summer. Its about as pretty as this species can be at the moment but I'm going to have to cover it to prevent it being scorched and scarred here in a couple months. In a year, it'll probably be too big to cover.
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    Keith - I'd try a Dypsis decepiens if I had you place. Just remember to mound plant it since these "heeled" dypsis seem to want to "suck down" into the ground. Need to put river rock or marble chips around the base, seen some decepiens do well here using that cultivating method.

    Dypsis prestoniana would be another good canidate for your garden - especially since you got the room!

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