Vero Beach Crotons 2016

Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by VeroKarl, Oct 29, 2016.

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  1. VeroKarl

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    Vero Beach
    After stopping by David's and seeing his Butterball (which still had the original tag), it definitely looks like his plant is identical to all of the plants listed as Buttercup. Mine does seem to look much more yellow, like the picture of Lamar's Buttercup that is flushing the bright yellow growth, so I am thinking they are probably the same plant and maybe Butterball is the proper name. I got mine from Lamar at Ana's auction. I think mine may be more yellow because of the amount of sun it gets.

    After spending $1000 on replacing brakes and the battery in my car, I ended up going to David's instead of the Ramble to save up my money. I will need to go to the spring sale at Fairchild if I don't have any other major expenses. I also missed Jeff's sale this fall, so hopefully will be able to do both of those in the spring.
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  2. annafl

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    Thanks for your assessment, Karl. Does anyone else agree? Have an opinion? Please?

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