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Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by annafl, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    In the continuing saga of my beautiful unknown, I am posting some of its color evolution in hopes someone may have an idea. It really is one of my favorite crotons if not the favorite. Previous guesses have been Royal Flush and Ellen Rutherford. Discussion has been that it has more orange than Ellen Rutherford, and when I look at my Royal Flush, the leave shape and plant habit are different. It is closer in leaf shape to ER. I took an air layer off the plant and planted it. Some of the photos will be the air layer and some, the mama. Please give an opinion if you have one.

    Unknown-May.jpg Unknown July.JPG Unknown-end of July.JPG August airlayer.JPG August mama.jpg Unknown July.JPG Unknown-end of July.JPG August airlayer.JPG
  2. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    The plant is a good grower. Where I took the air layer off there are three leads coming. It takes a lot of direct sun (almost all morning, and filtered in the afternoon). I bought it as a Gloriosa about two years ago, and at that time it was almost completely blacked out. It responded well to my care though.:GardenLove
  3. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle Esteemed Member

    Looks like Ellen Rutherford to me,I have a similar looking Ellen that gets a little less sunlight than yours
  4. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Thanks for weighing in, Mike! Hey, could you post a pic of your ER? I'd be grateful!:D
  5. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Maybe I'll put an ER tag on it for now. Wish others would give their opinions.:(
  6. Moose

    Moose Esteemed Member

    Coral Gables, FL Zone 10b
    Looks like a Royal Flush to me. Ana, I thought I gave you a small Gloriosa on your last visit to the Moose Land? :oops:
  7. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Yes, Ron, your Gloriosa is doing great. It has great color and is trying to put out some lower leads. This is a plant that I bought as a blacked out 'Gloriosa' before you gave me yours. As it grew and got color, I realized it was beautiful, but not a Gloriosa. It has gotten better and better each season and grows at a good clip. I have a small Royal Flush and the leaf shape is narrower than this plant. The habit of the plant is also different, and this plant grows faster. I think I'll mark it as ER and maybe over time things will become clearer. Thanks!

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