Three More Cheers for Palmpedia Member "Palmnerd"

Discussion in 'PALM TREES - WHERE TROPICAL STARTS' started by Dypsisdean, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Justin has started contributing extensively to the Palmpedia Glossary and already things are looking better. He is adding terms, definitions, and photos to help with the language of palms/plants. If you can add any info or photos that would help to illustrate what some of these esoteric terms mean, please do.

    The advantage of this feature is that when the terms appear in any wiki article or species page, they can easily be made into a link that takes you immediately to the definition page along with the pics. It really helps newbies and those who may not be up on all the lingo.
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    Thanks, Justin...
  3. I took a look at the Palmpedia Glossary - this will be a great quick reference tool - Mahalo to Justin

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