The Much Maligned Rex ?

Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by Moose, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Moose

    Moose Esteemed Member

    Coral Gables, FL Zone 10b
    By the title of the thread, it is not suggested that this cultivar is bad mouthed. It has rarely ever been mentioned on this forum. It appears in Dr. Brown's book, why is it so shunned?

    Not a bad looking under used cultivar in my opinion.

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  2. fawnridge

    fawnridge Well-Known Member

    Western Boca Raton
    Rex needs full sun for any color other than green. The first one is in full sun all day and gets plenty of water, although the soil is all sand. The next picture is a group of Rex in the ground 14 years. There's color, if you're standing on the roof looking down, but most of the leaves look like picture 3. The last one is a grouping of Rex, cut from the large one. Again, not much sun, not much color.

    rex1.jpg rex2.jpg rex3.jpg rex4.jpg
  3. ScotTi

    ScotTi Esteemed Member

    Ricky, The full sun Rex looks great! I do not have Rex, but have Mini Rex and have kept it in full sun in its pot. I will be planting in the ground come spring. I was planning on planting in a part sun location, but you now have me rethinking that idea.
    IMG_3896.jpg IMG_3897.jpg
  4. Phil Stager

    Phil Stager Well-Known Member

    Sunny St. Pete, FL
    Definitely needs sun - lots of it to develop good color. One of these gets an air layer in the spring.

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  5. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    The Rexes are beautiful! Ricky, that is one mean specimen you have. Lovely, all of you. Thanks.:D

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