The 18th Annual Spring Searle Brothers Plant Extravaganza! -●●●- March 4th 5th 6th – 11th 12th 13th

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  1. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &
    The Rainforest Collection ®


    The 18th Annual Spring
    Plant Extravaganza!

    March 4th 5th 6th – 11th 12th 13th

    The spring and fall Searle Brothers Plant Extravaganzas have become exciting plant sales and a great way for IPS Members, Palmtalk Forum Members and fellow tropical palm & plant enthusiasts to come together and meet in the South Florida area. The events have always been a great way to spend a weekend in the company of those who share your passion for gardening and collecting tropical ornamental plants. To describe the events as just mere plant sales would be an understatement; as they have become much more in the form of social events for our friends and family. Forum members, friends and fellow plant collectors have all come from far and wide to attend and we are continuously surprised in the distances they will cover to share in the event. In regards to the following details, I have tried to include as much information about the upcoming Spring 'Ganza as I can.If you see something that you need to know that is missing and should be added, please post the idea(s) here or contact me, Jeff Searle or the nursery with the methods listed below and let us know...

    South Florida Location:
    Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc.
    6640 SW 172nd Avenue
    Southwest Ranches, Florida 33331
    Western Broward County
    *see Map below...

    Spring 2016 Schedule:

    Friday, March 4th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Saturday, March 5th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Sunday, March 6th - 9:00AM - 4:00PM

    also the following weekend...
    Friday, March 11th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Saturday, March 12th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Sunday, March 13th - 9:00AM - 4:00PM

    Barbecue Lunch:

    Our Famous Weekend Free BBQ Lunch
    First Weekend: (Saturday 11:00AM - 2:00PM) & (Sunday, 11:00AM - 2:00PM)

    Contact List:
    Nursery Office #: (954) 434-7681
    Nursery Fax #: (954) 680-2750
    Nursery Website:

    Jeff Searle: phone #: (954) 658-4317 Email:
    Ryan (Palmarum) Email: or PM me a message through the Forum

    Following the link below will show you a general street map of western Broward County, Florida showing the location of the nursery (Palm tree symbol). Using Sheridan Street would be the best option to get to the nursery if you are heading west through the area. If you are taking the Florida Turnpike, use the Griffin Road exit from the north, or the Pines Blvd. exit from the south. If you need any additional directions, please contact the nursery, Jeff or I (Ryan). When you get close to the nursery, look for large power lines as they run east and west above the nursery. Parking is along the shoulder of 172nd Avenue in front of, and down the street from, the nursery entrance. If you intend to arrive early before sunrise (and many usually do) be wary of hard-to-see speed bumps along 172nd Avenue and there is a possibility of a speed trap as well.

    Map Link:

    Plant Availability, Photo Requests:

    For plant availability including a copy of the ever-growing list of palms, cycads and other information regarding which plants and species will be for sale, please contact the nursery, Jeff Searle or I (Ryan). The plant selection process has already begun and will continue right up to the last day before the Extravaganza, (sometimes even on the mornings of the event if the need applies.) The sale lists for palms, cycads and crotons will be made available as soon as they are completed. Special selections might be pulled for sale as requests, but only if the plants are available. There will be certain species, varieties and cultivars that will only be available in limited quantities. These rarer plants will likely sell out quickly in the morning hours, so be sure to arrange your wish list accordingly. Plant groups may have been moved around the sales area, relocated, or added in with others. In order to speed your way to your favorite plants please ask a nearby volunteer as to their location.

    Like with previous events, I will be able to provide preview photos of the actual plants for sale. They will be posted in this topic for those who are interested. Send me a message or an email with the names of the plants you would like to see, including members of specific groups or genera. Sale booklets or sale lists will be made available at the Extravaganza. They will include the list of palms, cycads and crotons for sale. Holders located at both entrances to the main shade house will have the booklets on display along with other important information. As soon as I have a basic list of species and varieties for sale, I will be able to email or PM it to anyone who would want a copy. Each plant will be priced with either a lavender tag or will have the price written on the pot.


    Featured Plant Groups:
    The plant selection at the Extravaganza is constantly growing and changing. The largest and most diverse group is by far the Palms, of which there will be over 300 species available in various different sizes. A large amount of Crotons will also be on display as their demand has increased production to new levels...

    Heliconias and Gingers:
    Tropical Flowering Trees, Shrubs, and Vines:
    Landscape Ornamentals:
    Tropical Fruit Trees:

    Rare and Hard-to-find Exotics:

    and more: There is always a chance a new & exotic species of tropical plant will make its way into the sales area.​

    The Sale Flyer:

    The nursery will soon mail out sale flyers to everyone on our mailing list. If you are on the mailing list and do not receive one, please let Jeff or myself know. In addition, if you would like to be placed on the mailing list for future Extravaganza flyers, please send a message to Jeff or myself with your address.


    Plant Carts:
    We do provide a limited amount of carts for customers to use, but it is recommended that you bring your own plant shopping conveyance. The carts do go quickly in the morning of each day, soon after the gates open and customers make their way to the sales area. During the day when they are returned from the holding area or from the parking lot, they are placed back on the concrete pad across from the register area.


    A comfortable Hampton Inn is located within a short driving distance of the nursery. It has been used by our customers, volunteers and family members in the past who travel a long way to reach the 'Ganza and who require a comfortable place to stay. The Hampton Inn Pembroke Pines/Ft. Lauderdale West is located at the intersection of I-75 and Sheridan Street. (see map above...) If you like to inquire about the hotel, follow the link below:

    Hampton Inn Pembroke Pines - Fort Lauderdale West

    Previous Extravaganza:

    For a look back at the previous 'Ganza that took place in October of last year, follow the link below to the Palmtalk topic. It has a selection of posts and photos highlighting the key moments of the sale. The topic will also showcase many of the plants that may be available in March, as the selection changes from season to season.

    The 17th Annual Fall 'Ganza

    Information and Invitation:

    If you need any more details regarding plants, directions, or anything that I have not included above, feel free to contact the nursery, Jeff Searle or myself by the methods mentioned above. Feel free to post any messages, questions, etc. in this topic. Jeff Searle, I and all the family members and volunteers look forward to meeting everyone including new and familiar Palmtalk Forum members and IPS members at the upcoming Extravaganza. Be sure to find one of us and introduce yourself. You will be sure to find other Forum members at the event as well, possibly walking right past you down an aisle or grabbing for the same plant. The entire Searle family and the masses of volunteers will be waiting to help you find that perfect plant.

    We hope to see you there!

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  2. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    As of today, I got my hands on the first draft of the palm & cycad list. I will start to process it and will get it out and posted as soon as I can.

    The Croton list will take a little more time.

  3. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    The following is the first draft of the Palm & Cycad list for the upcoming Spring 'Ganza. It is an early draft with a good possibility of seeing more species added later.

    Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &
    The Rainforest Collection ®

    The 18th Annual Spring ‘Ganza
    March 4th, 5th, 6th, – 11th, 12th, 13th - 2016

    Palm & Cycad List

    First Draft 2-26-16 - 85% complete

    et al = various or unlisted sizes

    Genus Species Sizes
    Acrocomia crispa #3
    Actinokentia divaricata #1 #7
    Actinorhytis calapparia #1 #7
    Aiphanes horrida #1
    Allagoptera campestris #7
    Allagoptera caudescens #7
    Allagoptera leucocalyx #7
    Archontophoenix purpurea #1
    Archontophoenix tuckeri #1
    Areca alba = catechu cv. alba
    Areca catechu #1 #7 #10
    Areca catechu cv. alba #7
    Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #25
    Areca catechu var. 'Semi Dwarf' #3
    Areca concinna #1
    Areca guppyana = novohibernica
    Areca hutchinsoniana #7
    Areca ipot 4in
    Areca macrocalyx var. 'Marie' #3 #10
    Areca novohibernica 4in
    Areca vestiaria #3 #7 #15
    Areca vestiaria var. 'Maroon Leaf' #1 #3
    Arenga australasica #7
    Arenga engleri #10
    Arenga hookeriana #7
    Arenga obtusifolia #15
    Arenga tremula #7
    Arenga undulatifolia #3
    Asterogyne martiana #1
    Astrocaryum alatum #3
    Astrocaryum standleyanum #1 #7
    Attalea cohune #1
    Bactris gasipaes var. 'Spineless' #7
    Balaka microcarpa #3
    Balaka seemannii #3
    Basselinia eriostachys var. 'Drip Tip' 4in
    Basselinia pancheri #1
    Beccariophoenix alfredii #1 #7 #10 CP
    Beccariophoenix fenestralis #1 #7
    Beccariophoenix madagascariensis #7
    Beccariophoenix madagascariensis (old) = fenestralis
    Beccariophoenix sp. 'Coastal Form' = madagascariensis
    Beccariophoenix sp. 'No Windows' = madagascariensis
    Beccariophoenix sp. 'Windows' = fenestralis
    Bentinckia condapanna #3
    Bentinckia nicobarica #7
    Borassodendron machadonis #3 #25
    Brassiophoenix drymophloeoides #7
    Burretiokentia hapala #7 #15
    Burretiokentia koghiensis #1
    Burretiokentia vieillardii #1 #3
    Calyptrocalyx aff. fasciculatus #3
    Calyptrocalyx albertisianus 4in #7
    Calyptrocalyx pachystachys #1
    Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus #1
    Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Boalak' #7
    Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Sanumb' #3 #7
    Calyptrocalyx spicatus #1 #3
    Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana #10
    Calyptrogyne sarapiquensis = ghiesbreghtiana
    Carpentaria acuminata et al
    Caryota gigas = obtusa
    Caryota mitis et al
    Caryota obtusa #3
    Caryota zebrina #7
    Chamaedorea anemophila #1
    Chamaedorea brachypoda #7
    Chamaedorea cataractarum et. al.
    Chamaedorea elegans 4in
    Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii #1
    Chamaedorea hooperiana #3 #15
    Chamaedorea microspadix #3
    Chamaedorea oblongata #3
    Chamaedorea radicalis #3
    Chambeyronia macrocarpa #1 #3
    Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri #7
    Chelyocarpus chuco #7
    Chuniophoenix nana #7
    Clinostigma ponapense #10
    Coccothrinax borhidiana #5
    Coccothrinax crinita #3. #7
    Coccothrinax × 'Borhidi Hybrid' #10
    Cocos nucifera var. 'Malayan Green' et. al.
    Copernicia alba #3
    Copernicia baileyana #3
    Copernicia glabrescens #7
    Copernicia macroglossa #10
    Copernicia prunifera #10
    Corypha utan #3
    Cryosophila albida = warscewiczii
    Cryosophila warscewiczii #7
    Cyphophoenix elegans #3 #7
    Cyphophoenix nucele #10
    Cyphosperma naboutinense #3a #3b
    Cyrtostachys renda #1 #3 #7
    Cyrtostachys sp. 'Hybrid' #10
    Dioon rzedowskii #7
    Dioon spinulosum et al
    Drymophloeus oliviformis #7
    Drymophloeus sp. 'Patipi' 'Irian Jaya' #1
    Dypsis albofarinosa #7
    Dypsis ambositrae #1
    Dypsis arenarum #1
    Dypsis baronii #1
    Dypsis canaliculata #7 #25
    Dypsis carlsmithii #1 #3
    Dypsis decipiens #1
    Dypsis dransfieldii 4in
    Dypsis heteromorpha #1 #15
    Dypsis lanceolata #10
    Dypsis lastelliana #1
    Dypsis leptocheilos et al
    Dypsis lutescens et al
    Dypsis madagascariensis #1 #7
    Dypsis minuta #1
    Dypsis prestoniana #1 #25
    Dypsis procera #3 #7
    Dypsis psammophila #7
    Dypsis sp. 'Bejoufa' #1
    Dypsis utilis #3 #15
    Elaeis guineensis #1
    Encephalartos munchii #10
    Euterpe oleracea #3 #7
    Euterpe sp. 'Orange Crownshaft' #7
    Gaussia princeps #7
    Hemithrinax ekmaniana #2a #2b
    Heterospathe brevicaulis #1
    Heterospathe elata #7
    Heterospathe minor #7
    Hydriastele beguinii #7 #15
    Hydriastele beguinii var. 'Obi Island Form' #3 #7
    Hydriastele dransfieldii #7 #25
    Hydriastele kasesa #1
    Hydriastele longispatha #10
    Hydriastele pinangoides #7
    Hydriastele sp. 'Highland P.N.G.' #2
    Hyophorbe indica #3
    Hyophorbe lagenicaulis et al
    Itaya amicorum #3 #25
    Johannesteijsmannia altifrons #1 #2
    Johannesteijsmannia magnifica #3
    Johannesteijsmannia perakensis #7
    Kentiopsis piersoniorum #3
    Kentiopsis pyriformis #10
    Kerriodoxa elegans #3
    Latania loddigesii #1 #10
    Latania verschaffeltii #7
    Lepidozamia peroffskyana #3
    Licuala aurantiaca #7
    Licuala cabalionii #10
    Licuala concinna #3
    Licuala distans #3
    Licuala fordiana #3 #7
    Licuala glabra var. selangorensis #1
    Licuala grandis #1 #7 #10
    Licuala lauterbachii var. bouganvilliensis #7
    Licuala montana 4in
    Licuala paludosa #1
    Licuala parviflora #7
    Licuala peltata #2 #7 #10
    Licuala peltata var. sumawongii #1 #3 #25
    Licuala poonsakii var. 'Ratee' #3
    Licuala ramsayi #7
    Licuala rumphii #1 #3
    Licuala sallehana #1 #2
    Licuala sp. 'Fairchild TB Garden' 2in
    Licuala spinosa #1 #15
    Livistona rotundifolia = Saribus rotundifolius
    Loxococcus rupicola #1
    Lytocaryum weddellianum = Syagrus weddelliana
    Marojejya darianii 4in
    Mauritia flexuosa #3
    Mauritiella armata #15
    Neoveitchia storckii #7
    Normanbya normanbyi #7
    Pelagodoxa henryana #7
    Phoenicophorium borsigianum #3
    Phoenix roebelenii var. Reasoneri 4in
    Phoenix rupicola #3 #10
    Pinanga coronata #7 #10
    Pinanga disticha #1
    Pinanga gracilis #7
    Pinanga simplicifrons #1
    Pinanga sp. 'Blue Fruit' #7
    Pinanga sp. 'kanchanaburiensis' #1
    Pinanga sp. 'Thai Mottled' #1
    Pinanga speciosa #7
    Pritchardia affinis = maideniana
    Pritchardia kaalae #7
    Pritchardia kaalae var. minima = kaalae
    Pritchardia maideniana #3
    Pseudophoenix sargentii #7
    Pseudophoenix sargentii var. navassana #7
    Ptychococcus lepidotus #1
    Ptychosperma burretianum #7
    Ptychosperma macarthurii #15
    Ptychosperma propinquum 4in
    Ptychosperma pullenii #3
    Ptychosperma schefferi #10
    Ptychosperma waitianum #1
    Ravenea dransfieldii #7
    Ravenea krociana #25
    Ravenea xerophylla #3
    Reinhardtia latisecta #7
    Rhapis excelsa cv. nana 'Super Dwarf' #1
    Rhapis humilis x cochinchinensis 'Alicia' #7
    Rhapis multifida #7
    Rhapis sp. #3
    Rhopaloblaste augusta #3
    Sabal domingensis #3
    Sabal mauritiiformis #1
    Salacca vermicularis #7
    Saribus rotundifolius #1
    Syagrus amara #1
    Syagrus schizophylla #10
    Syagrus weddelliana #7
    Thrinax radiata et al
    Veitchia arecina et al
    Veitchia montgomeryana = arecina
    Verschaffeltia splendida #2 #7 #15
    Voanioala gerardii #1
    Welfia regia #7
    Wodyetia bifurcata et al
    Zamia integrifolia #1
    Zamia loddigesii #3
    Zamia paucijuga #1
    Zamia skinneri #1
    Zamia standleyi #3

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  4. Palmarum

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    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Palm & Cycad List
    First Draft 2-26-16 - 85% complete

    (.pdf) version of the same draft above:

    Attached Files:

  5. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Behold, the first draft of the Croton list for the upcoming Spring 'Ganza. It is fairly complete, not counting that last minute add on, or 'unlisted' cultivar. If they're any more additions I know about, I will try to get them posted.

    Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &
    The Rainforest Collection ®

    The 18th Annual
    Spring ‘Ganza

    March 4th, 5th, 6th, –
    11th, 12th, 13th - 2016

    Croton List
    First Draft 2-29-16 – 95% complete

    Common Name
    Andrea Searle
    Baron Le Compté
    Ben Alexander
    BH #3
    Black Beauty
    Black Thai
    Braden James
    Candy Cane
    Captain Gilbert Cutler
    Catch of the Day
    Catch Up
    Catherine Gephart
    Charles Rutherford
    Claude Lorraine
    Colonel Lindbergh
    Compté de Castelaine
    Craigii Supreme
    Cutters Gulfstream
    Daisy's Pride
    David McLean
    David's Pride
    Davis #1
    Davis #10
    Davis Compacta
    Davis Pink
    Della McGee
    Dr. Alix
    Dream Girl
    Dreer #7
    Earl of Derby
    Earl's Court
    Eleanor Fischler
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Ernestine Delarue
    Father's Day
    Florida Sunset R.K.
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Geisha Girl
    General Lawrence
    General MacArthur
    General Marshall
    Gold Dust
    Grady Drake House
    Green Satan
    Harvest Moon
    Heat Wave
    Helen Rutherford
    Irene Kingsley
    Joe Friday
    John Soar
    Jungle Queen
    L. M. Rutherford
    Lady Claire
    Little Chief
    Louis Dupuy
    Lover's Night
    Lt. Paget
    Madame Fernand Kohl
    Major Dade
    Maximum (Bender #2)
    Mike Ferrer
    Mons. Florin
    Mrs. Snyder Disraili
    Norman Rockwell
    Norwood Beauty
    Oak Leaf Superba
    Old Legend
    Ortega's Hybrid
    Philippine Red
    Pink Eburneum
    Pink Passion
    Plaid Oak
    President Reagan
    Pride of Naples
    Prince of Orange
    Queen of Siam
    Red Quill
    Royal Flush
    Rubens, 'Blotched'
    Seminole Queen
    Show Girl
    Son of Joe Friday
    Stain Glass
    Super Petra
    Thomas Edison
    Three Toes
    Tiger Eye
    Tortoise Shell
    Tropic Lightning
    Tropical Feel
    Twist & Point
    Unknown (?) from Peru
    Unknown (?) from Yard
    W. F. Dreer
    West Wall
    White Bravo
    William Craig
    William Jennings Bryan
    William Jennings Bryan, 'Blotched'
    W o o ton Beauty
    Yellow Fever
    Yellow Joanna Coppinger
    Yellow Mrs. Iceton

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    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Croton List
    First Draft 2-29-16 – 95% complete

    (.pdf) version of the same Croton list above


    Attached Files:

  7. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Palm List
    Modifications - 2-29-16 - 90% list completion

    Additional species (20)
    Sizes (1)
    Changes (1)

    Adonidia merrillii #15
    Adonidia merrillii var. 'variegated' #7
    Bismarckia nobilis #3, #7
    Chamaedorea metallica #1
    Dypsis cabadae #45
    Dypsis decaryi #7
    Dypsis saintelucei #7
    Dypsis sp. 'red blush, thin stem' #3
    Geonoma interrupta #10
    Hyophorbe verschaffeltii #25
    Kentiopsis oliviformis #10
    Licuala peekelii #7
    Phoenix roebelenii et al
    Pinanga dicksonii #7
    Ptychosperma caryotoides #7
    Rhapis excelsa #3
    Sabal palmetto #45
    Syagrus botryophora 4in
    Syagrus coronata #1
    Wallichia siamensis #3

    Ptychosperma schefferi #1 (size)

    Pinanga coronata (changed to) =
    Pinanga coronata var. 'blunt, thin leaf form'

  8. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    Palm List
    Modifications - 3-1-16 - 92% list completion

    Additional species (14)
    Sizes (2)

    Borassus aethiopum #3
    Calyptrocalyx leptostachys #5
    Ceratozamia miqueliana et al
    Chamaedorea geonomiformis #1
    Coccothrinax sp. 'Azul' #20
    Licuala bayana #1
    Licuala thoana 4in
    Microcycas calocoma 4in
    Sabinaria magnifica #1
    Thrinax parviflora var. 'Curly Leaf' 4in, #1
    Zamia dressleri #3
    Zamia imperialis #3
    Zamia pseudoparasitica Bskt.
    Zamia splendens #1

    Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #5, #7

  9. Palmarum

    Palmarum Moderator

    S. Florida - Zone 10a/b
    The supply of cultivars in the Croton section were picked through fairly well. There are certain holes throughout. If you are attending during the second weekend and need to know which cultivars are still available, you may post the inquiry here or contact me or Jeff through the usual methods.


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