Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by Dypsisdean, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Randy, such good news that you are in the process of creating a new garden! Please show us as soon as you get it settled!
  2. Moose

    Moose Esteemed Member

    Coral Gables, FL Zone 10b
    say the real name, jim glock's favorite croton name
  3. Kingdavid

    Kingdavid Esteemed Member

    st lucie co
    Please help figure how we can post again .....Pm feeling retarted
  4. Phil Stager

    Phil Stager Esteemed Member

    Sunny St. Pete, FL
    me too - drop and drag and old methods not working...
  5. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    I'll PM Dean.
  6. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Dean responded that people that are having problems should PM him directly. Hope it gets resolved! Would love to see some photos!
  7. VeroKarl

    VeroKarl Well-Known Member

    Vero Beach
    I agree. I would love to see everyone posting all their photos again. It keeps my passion for crotons going. I will try to go out and take some photos this week. Luckily I have had good luck posting the photos that I take with my iPad as long as I crop them (for some reason if I don't crop them they sometimes load sideways, but it is easy to crop them). It was so great to see all the photos and I just visited David so know his crotons look amazing. With Moose being back it would be exciting to see how his crotons are doing because he has such an impressive collection.

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