Syagrus sp. 'Ho'omaluhia'

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    S. sp. 'Ho'omaluhia'

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    Re: S. sp. 'Ho'omaluhia'

    Bob's comments were lost during our recent upgrade. I'll try to dig them up and re-post them here. Sorry.
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    Re: S. sp. 'Ho'omaluhia'

    Has this form produced viable seed? Is it a mule? If there is seed out there I would love to barter seedlings\seed of other Syagrus hybrids for this one or any other unusual Syagrus hybrids. I love Syagrus and I love to make Syagrus hybrids. I currently have Syagrus x campos portana in spike seedling and Syagrus ruschiana sprouting. This mystery Syagrus (sp. 'ho'omaluhia') looks like it might have some sancona or pseudococcos in it.

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