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    I have seeds from Cocothrinax argentata and Licuala grandis. Is it better to start them in a mistbed that's mostly in the shade or in a sunny spot in the garden where they'll have to be hand-watered? If they have to be hand-watered, how often? Thanks.
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    Ricky - in a mist bed the majority of your seeds will rot. Any that do sprout will probably dampen off. Palm seeds and seedlings like high humidity but do not want to be wet. I would suggest the baggie method. Once sprouted, plant them quart size containers near the mist bed for the humidity. But they need excellent drainage. Fungus loves to attack seedlings.
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    I've had great success with both of these species from seed, but I tend to be a bit brutal with growing from seed. Pretty much any Coccothrinax I start from seed goes directly into full sun, they seemed to really like the heat. The L. grandis I just threw in a community pot with some morning direct sun. Both have yielded fairly well for me. Summer also seemed a better time to start with these, but we don't get to make the seeds ready for harvest when we would like them to be.

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