Sadness in Vero Beach

Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by VeroKarl, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. VeroKarl

    VeroKarl Well-Known Member

    Vero Beach
    Hi croton crew. I just thought I would throw out a post while I had it in my head. I am hoping to jump back into collecting crotons soon, but at the moment I am grieving the loss of a very special young man. Jimmy Graves, the 15 year old who died in the boating accident on Sunday was a former student of mine who I was very close to. I acted as a mentor to him when his father was going through treatment for very serious cancer, so he was far more than just a student. Our school is in mourning and the community is in shock. This was the sweetest most caring student I have ever taught as well as the most talented athlete. I drive over the bridge near where the accident took place on my way to work every day. I am not yet to the point where I can get over the bridge without crying. I can't even imagine what his family is going through. Please keep them in your prayers. My goal is to some day have a seedling pop up in my garden that is worthy of being named in his honor to be sure his name lives on or maybe someone else can do that if they have that opportunity. I had not seen Jimmy since June when he left our school to go to the public high school for bigger sports opportunities, but I will never forget him.
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  2. Marie Nock

    Marie Nock Well-Known Member

    A tragic accident. Glad you had the chance to be there for him when he really needed you.
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  3. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Sorry to hear about your loss, Karl. It sounds like your friendship and mentoring were valuable to him. You have to feel good about what you gave him and have great memories of him and his doing what he loved.
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  4. Native son

    Native son Esteemed Member

    Karl so sorry to hear this story, loss of a young life is always hard on all involved. Nell and I have history with the St Edwards School, wonderful little family.
  5. Jeff Searle

    Jeff Searle Well-Known Member

    South Florida, USA
    Sorry to hear about this. A 15 year old should never loose their life. I think it's a great idea to eventually name a seedling after him, in his honor.
  6. Kingdavid

    Kingdavid Esteemed Member

    st lucie co
    Hey Karl give me a call ....i think you have my number

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