Sabal palmetto

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    S. palmetto

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    Re: S. palmetto

    I can provide photos of Sabal sp. Lisa. It is a Sabal palmetto with stark variation in its form. The IPS journal Palms published an article on it (vol. 49 (1) March 2005 page 46). If a moderator reads this and would like to place the photo with this palmetto page, or file it under a seperate Sabal sp. listing please let me know.
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    Re: S. palmetto


    We are always interested in high quality photos. Especially if they are of out of the ordinary 'rare' palms.

    It is always better to upload them to the wiki in order to retain full quality. Uploading here to the forum will automatically reduce them somewhat.

    If you click 'Home' in the upper right corner, you will be taken to the Main Page of the wiki. In the left sidebar you will see 'Upload File' near the bottom - the rest should be easy. If you have more than one pic, you can click on 'Special Pages,' then 'Upload Files' to be able to upload more than one at a time. This makes it a little easier. There is no progress bar, but you will be notified of a successful upload. Loading multiple large files may take several minutes depending on your upload speed.

    There is a short video tutorial here

    Don't worry about where they end up. I will see them and get them to the appropriate location. Also, you may get a warning indicating the files are too large - just ignore it. We prefer the largest highest quality photo you have.

    Thanks again for the offer.

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