Queen of Siam

Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by ScotTi, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. ScotTi

    ScotTi Esteemed Member

    I do not know what is going on with this plant this year, but in the past leaves have been around 12" long. This year the growth has increased to 16"- 18". Must be enjoying the early summer type heat and humidity we have had this spring. Sorry a little hard to hold the tape and leaf and camera with two hands. pizap.com14291377668081.jpg pizap.com14291378983471.jpg
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  2. Native son

    Native son Esteemed Member

    Looking good, when I get something special I pat my self on the back and say good job. Pic's with the three hand shuffle are always interesting.
  3. TropicalRob

    TropicalRob New Member

    Ah..that reminds me.. i have a bunch of mammy's where only ONE leaf out of each plant, grew SUPER LONG. like 2x - 3x longer than the rest!
    ONLY ONE LEAF! so strange! and its happening on a bunch of mammys!

    is this normal?

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