PSSC November 2014 meeting in San Diego County

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  1. Moose

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    I just wanted to give all a "heads up" that our next PSSC meeting will be on Saturday, November 15th. We will start at an established palm garden in Vista, CA and proceed south to San Diego Botanical Garden where Don Hodel will give a great presentation on two recent palm expeditions to Southern Japan and Taiwan. If you want to see Satakentia andClinostigma in the wild, this will be your chance. And, we are going to have a huge palm auction. It's designed to help the Society. This will be a 'don't miss" meeting. Soon I will post specifics about this meeting in the Affiliates section of this website. Feel free to call me for questions.
    Phil Bergman
    Palm Society Southern California
    619 291 4605
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    If you haven't heard - the PSSC is in financial distress after the alleged embezzlement of a lot of money from their bank account. They can use all the support any of you can offer.

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