Phoenix Hybrid

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    I found this as a small seedling growing under my P rupicola a few years ago and stuck it in the ground in a out of the way spot. This palm has gained my attention and I need to give it a good spot in the garden. The father must have been a reclinata as it is a very good clumper having 17 stems now and still pushing new ones. Leaves are 9'2" long. Weather is warming now and have started a root prune dig to get it ready for its new spot and will remove some of the leaves as the moving day nears.
    IMG_3291.JPG IMG_3292.JPG IMG_3293.JPG
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    Looks like a winner Stan. Phoenix have to be one, if not the most promiscuous, palm genus. It looks like yours has the best of both parents - the softness of the P. rupicola, and the clustering robust growth of P. reclinata.

    I saw a large one of this hybrid (supposed) and it was very attractive. Or it could have been a P. reclinata x P. roebelinii - another softer one. I think I would prefer yours.

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