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Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by annafl, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    In the last year and a half or so I had occassion to post one of my crotons for an ID. It is one of my favorites and you all have seen it numerous times. A couple of times I was asked where I got it and I responded I got it at Peter's Crotons. Sometime later in the thread I mentioned it was lacking color or blacked out when I bought it. Going back to those two threads I cringe when I read these comments for various reasons. Those comments were never intended to be read in the same thread, but when questioned I went into more detail with those facts, in the meantime putting my foot in my mouth big time by what I said and what I didn't say.

    What I didn't say is that I called Mark Peters and pleaded with him to search his greenhouse for a Gloriosa. He agreed to, and when I saw him at the upcoming plant sale he commented to me that he found this plant in the far reaches of his growing area, never intending to be sold until it could get more light. I told him I didn't care and that I would gladly take it and give it more light to color it up. Which I did.

    What I also didn't say is that I became a crotonhead in big part thanks to the Peters who are about the only vendors that come to my area selling out of the ordinary crotons. I was dazzled by the beautiful, healthy plants that he brought and would call him or email him with requests, to which he kindly responded. I also neglected to say that I have purchased many beautiful, disease-free, correctly identified plants from him that have done very well in my garden and that I love. I left out that I also didn't realize it was a Gloriosa until I had had it at least 6 months, even though I was looking at it every day.

    This thread is an apology to the Peters. I hope they see this and know that I am sorry for my unintended hurtful comments. It is also for any of you that questioned whether I was happy with their plants. I have always been happy with what I've bought from them, and especially with my beautiful unknown croton, which may or may not be Ellen Rutherford! I have always recommended their booth to anyone asking me about crotons, and even to those in this forum that have asked, and will continue to do so.

    All of you have seen the beautiful Congo that I love and the Wilma I've shown in the past. Those I got from the Peters. I'll post just a couple I snapped a photo of this morning:
  2. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Here are a few: Piecrust, Davis 1, Rocio, and Pride of Winterhaven.

    DSC_1124.JPG Davis1-Ana.JPG Rocio-Ana.jpg Pride of Winterhaven-Ana.jpg
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  3. Native son

    Native son Well-Known Member

    Anna nicely done it is so very easy to be misunderstood when discussing our plants and what we see in them. I really like Mortimer/Piecrust and yours looks great.
  4. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Thanks Lamar. It was easy to say the plant was blacked out when I got it, without thinking how it might come across. Somewhere else in the thread I answered you, I think, where I had bought it.

    The Piecrust is such a nice grower, isn't it? Such a grateful plant. It is just starting to come out of winter here, but after it gets a lot of green and yellow now, it will color up a lot more.

    I will talk to the Peters next time they come up this way. I just wanted to address this to the same folks who saw my posts.

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