Orchid Lovers Beware

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  1. ScotTi

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    Here they are again! Just in time for Spring. "Blue Mystique" is a white phalaenopsis and is a result of a patented process that infuses a white orchid with a special medium. Keep your money, unless you do not care that future flowers will be white.

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  2. Dypsisdean

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    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    I have to admit that they sure caught my eye when I first saw them at Home Depot.
  3. Moose

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    Scott - glad you brought this up.
    Dean - they caught my eye as well.

    Heard that they drench roots with a blue die that transfers to the flowers. Makes a nice gift, however most people end up killing their Phals they get as a gift. For those nuture them, they get a white flower on the next bloom.
  4. Kipjanet

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    Scott if you look close at the bottom of the stem you can see where the inject dye into stem and cover with a small dab of wax to seal. seems every one in the orchid world want's a blue or black orchids. If you can't grow it fake it

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