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Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by Crotonologist, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Crotonologist

    Crotonologist Active Member

    southern Louisiana USDA 9a
    Many many thanks to Toby for sending me all these croton sticks a few weeks ago, not to mention a nice plumeria stem and a little orchid that I almost missed in the newspaper packing :)

    He said he was just paying it forward for all the nice folks that gave him crotons over the years, so I plan to do the same some day with offspring from these sticks when they blossom into big beautiful crotons in the next few years...

    Assorted cuts 3  from Toby 060812.jpg

    Assorted cuts from Toby 060812.jpg

    Assorted cuts 2  from Toby 060812.jpg

    Inside all those sticks are:
    General Macarthur
    Philip Geduldig !
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Jungle Queen !
    Baron Lecompte !
    Rheedii !
    Thomas Edison !
    Madame Butterfly !
    Madame Butterfly Alt. #2 ? a different form??
    Golden Glow !
    P. 82 Connie Cutler?
    Miami Beauty
    Johannis !
    Major Dade
    Colonel Gilbert Cutler
    Claude Lorraine !
    Island Breeze

    I've already lost a few to rot - when I unpacked them in the evening I put them all in a big tub of water to soak, potted them up the next day and place them under plastic on my porch. When I moved them into the greenhouse the following week there was a fair amount of botryis and /or other rot starting, some varieties much worse than others, so I bought some ferti-lome brand systemic fungicide (propiconazole) and sprayed them down pretty heavy and have not seen any new botrytis since, though I did throw away a few totally dead sticks the other day, hence the one empty pot :(

    Next time I plan to soak the sticks on arrival in a fungicide bath before potting them up. Any suggestions out there for which fungicide would be best to try?
  2. Jeff Searle

    Jeff Searle Well-Known Member

    South Florida, USA
    Hmm, I lost many good sticks years ago when collecting in Hawaii. I carried them around for one week in moist paper towels, thinking I didn't want to let them dry out. Big mistake, they all rotted once I got home. Sorry to hear you lost a few, but your still going to have some nice additions!
  3. Crotonologist

    Crotonologist Active Member

    southern Louisiana USDA 9a
    Yeah, some are already starting to sprout...
    Any suggestion on a fungicide dip for new sticks?
    I may have to experiment with different fungicides to see which ones give the best results...

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