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Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by annafl, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    A gorgeous Rudy Bachman followed by a beautiful Polychrome! 20160714_082137.jpg 20160714_083107_1468592144147.jpg
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  2. Native son

    Native son Well-Known Member

    Nice Polychrome it is not an easy to maintain. Rudy is an all time favorite. TKS
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  3. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    I find it difficult to get just the right lighting for polychrome. I have one in too much sun and the other in maybe too little sun. Don't know, but I never get this type of beautiful coloring. I love it. Rudy is of course, Rudy. What a great cultivar! We are so lucky to have it.
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  4. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    White Charles Rutherford and Polychrome at first light!

    _SWW0304_sRGB.JPG 20160814_070116_1471174371580_1471174531751.jpg
  5. annafl

    annafl Esteemed Member

    Pink Monarch from Stan! Have you ever seen one?

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