Killer Pigtail Anthurium - Anthurium scherzerianum

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    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    I haven't seen this variety anywhere else (but I'm sure it is out there). This came from the backyard greenhouse of a very old Japanese grandmother. She had many plants that could have very well come into Hawaii when she did - before World War II. She was gracious enough to give me a cutting, and as you can see, it has done very well.

    These Anthuriums will grow in the warmer areas of So. California, so should be grown more often there. I saw a beautiful red one in a hanging basket, in a coastal location, looking right at home. And these have been trouble free as far as any pests are concerned.
    IMG_1404PT.jpg IMG_1406PT.jpg IMG_1407PT.jpg
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    key west, fl 10b-11
    Dean, how cool is that? They would look great here in the Keys! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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