Kentiopsis oliviformis

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    I just received and repotted some seedlings from Florabunda.....looking forward to the opportunity...
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    It's a long, slow journey for these tough little seeds to produce their first leaf. Keep your seeds in a box somewhere, and don't worry about constant temperatures or your germination mix drying out a little. They will sprout in one's and two's over the space of many months, perhaps even a year or more. Being adjacent germinators, they produce a bud which seems to linger for many weeks before pushing out a tiny leaf spear. From bud development, to a fully emergent leaf spear may take 2 or 3 months, yet the roots at this stage are often no more than a few millimetres in length.
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    It's obvious you have been acquiring a considerable amount of knowledge in the area of germination.

    If you ever get the urge --- I put together this quick primer on germinating seeds, hoping some others would add to it with pics and info. It could become a useful reference for seed germinators with some help from others.

    A Primer On Germinating Palm Seeds

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