Ken Johnson Specimen Palms

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    Hi Ken This may be a bit of a stretch but If you ever have an install job on the Treasure coast I would love to offer up some larger palms for you to take away. There yours for free. The palms are pretty common, however they fall in the commercial stock catagory. I have Washingtonia robusta Sabal palmetto and a Livistona chinensis. Like I said nothing special, but if your in the neighborhood and you have your spade truck handy there yours for free. They range in height from five to twenty feet. I have a couple of other palms as well. These were all part of my first generation of palms I planted eighteen years ago. I am planning on having them all cut down as soon as I have the money, but giving them a new home would be the nicer option. Look me up if your ever interested.
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    If you get a chainsaw for XMas.......

    Sorry. Not for me. Keep looking giys like me a "sprouting up everywhere"!
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    Yeah like I said a bit of a stretch but I always like to check with people. I have an apb with local people. All the best anyway. I may get down and drop some scratch on a nice palm in the future. Oh, and you must be psychic as I have purchsed a new chainsaw recently! Lame palms beware.

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