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Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by Stan, Dec 14, 2018.

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  1. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    I paid a premium price in spring for this semi Oak leafed then greenish Croton at a florist. I never see the Oak/Angel wing/Fiddle leafed/ Crotons for sale locally anymore,been many years. So,I took a chance. It just totally changed colors over the summer- now a burgundy beauty mostly. No name of course.
    What do you think? So far in the cool of late fall..its fine,while Petra over there has dropped two small leafs. Curly Boy is far right.
    In spring,back into the sun.
    IMG_9994.JPG IMG_0129.JPG
  2. Native son

    Native son Esteemed Member

    Looks nice, if you go to the Croton Encyclopedia you can see several examples of it. Yours looks like a very nice one.just wondering where are you located? Seasons Greetings IMG_0847.JPG
  3. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    THANKS! You think its Excellence also? I just bought it at a Florist who didn't know the name either. The looks,the leaves sort of wind on the stem..sounded like Excellence.
    Nice Melastoma..they should be much more easy to find in California beyond the common related Tibouchina. In the wetter bay area climate they would do fine.

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