Hot Pepper

Discussion in 'CORDYLINE CORNER - THE TI PLANT' started by ScotTi, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. ScotTi

    ScotTi Esteemed Member

    I debated on the purchase of Hot Pepper after first seeing the plant. I really thought it was a renaming of Sensation. I broke down and decided to purchase it this summer. After seeing Hot Pepper with Sensation there is a slight difference in leaf size and the leaves are held more upright on the H.P. Leaves are 10" x 2" in a greenish maroon and red in the newer growth.

    Img_7461.jpg Img_7464.jpg
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  2. KennyRE317

    KennyRE317 Active Member

    Seal Beach, CA 10a/10b
    i have this one that i bought from home depot and i have it in full sun. it always looks good sitting in its pot but knowing it'll take a good amount of sun it's going to get planted out in spring
  3. tropicalken

    tropicalken Active Member

    Southern California
    Hot Pepper is another one that has good color most of the year and does not go downhill during a California winter.

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