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    New to the forum here, I'm living on a 10 acre farm in Puerto Rico. The farm has a nursery with hundreds of rare fruit trees and palms. Some of the tags on the palms have been lost, and I need your help to ID them! :). I believe the one with the broader leaves is a Caryota type... The one with the "bamboo" like trunk I can't tell. With the help of the encyclopedia here, I was able to identify a Lytocaryum weddelianum we had in stock, as well as a dozen Dypsis cabadea. I can take more photos if it would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Hi Philippe, welcome to the forum, we will be glad to help you, bring on the photos we will use some of them I assure you thanks , Ed
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    Hi Phillipe,

    You may be on the right track with the "Caryota type." Seeing more of the "trunk area" would be helpful. The same with the other. It looks to me as if it could be Chamaedorea tepejilote. But if it is suckering it is not.

    All areas of a palm is useful for IDs - not just the leaves.

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