Hayward Ravenea rivularis in winter.

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  1. Stan

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    Once totally unknown to the bay area...the ongoing streak of 26 years without a climate re set freeze is allowing subtropicals like never before to survive or even do great here. Un IMG_2825.jpg like soucal..where they have always had years and decades of no hard freezes..this is new to SF bay.
    Did you know San Francisco had a milder winter low or 41f downtown, while Ensenada Mexico had a low of 33f this winter?. Hell,parts of Hayward never went below 33f. I am in true wonderment at seeing plants growing here that I only saw in photos. Like these palms.
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    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    So why does everyone think that a slight warming of the climate is bad? I would think as with most things in life, every change has some good and some bad.

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