Gless Gem Corn

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  1. We've harvested two-thirds of our Glass Gem corn crop. Glass Gem is a hard corn that is suitable for popping, or grinding into meal. It's too hard to boil it and eat it directly from the cob. However, we grew it because it's so beautiful. This is the most colorful and beautiful corn in the world. Every color and shade of color is present in this variety. We hope that you can tell how pretty it is, in these photographs. We're not expert photographers, and we don't have the best camera, but we hope that you can get a sense of what this corn is like.

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    Jeff, thanks for sharing. Just goes to show - no matter how long you garden and broaden your horizons, you have never seen it all. Heck, I would have a hard time eating that - its too beautiful.
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  3. Hi Dean, you're welcome, and I know exactly how you feel. The first time I saw pictures of it, I was totally surprised that such corn existed, it's too pretty to be real. And as far as eating it is concerned, I feel the same way: how can you eat something that's THAT pretty? :) Heh heh, seriously though, it's completely edible, if you're willing to process it. The corn that they make corn chips with, is hard like this. It just has to be ground is all. This year, I just grew a small amount, to give as gifts. But in the future, I might buy a corn grinder. I offered some seeds to Angela, but she said that she didn't have the room for it. But if you change your minds, let me know.
  4. We harvested the last of it, and here are the best ones.
    glassgems.jpg glassgem11-6-14c.jpg glassgem11-6-14d.jpg

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