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    Kona, Hawaii
    No splash! Too cold!

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    Coral Gables, FL Zone 10b
    That is Fabulous looking. :D

    Hibiscus was a very used landscape plant in Florida for many decades because of its intense flowering characteristic. Unfortunately the introduction of a variety pests that make the plants less vigorous and greatly reducing flowering, these wonderful plants have become less used now. Some of the more "common" varieties seem to thrive here. The more sought after varieties and cultivars did not appreciate are calcareous soils. Many were willing to heavily mulch and treat with iron supplements to keep them looking good. I believe that it was the continual treatments for the invading insects that turned many away from growing hibiscus here as being " too much maintenance required".

    Angela - your collection is very impressive. Don't recall ever seeing such beautiful looking hibiscus here, even during its bygone heyday.

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