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  1. Play of colors on my Euterpe beauty. Inviting all seeing her here. I am enjoying narrating to inquisitive guests and visitors. Sharing the pics... IMG_20160311_122649_1.jpg IMG_20160309_094737.jpg IMG_20160309_094737_1.jpg IMG_20160309_094802.jpg IMG_20160309_094802.jpg IMG_20160309_095242.jpg
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    Are you familiar with "Acai?" If not, Google it. But don't take my question as an okay to eat those. However, they may be tasty.
  3. Yes dean, I do know Acai, but I've not seen it or tasted it. What about the seeds of my palm beauty ? Once I saw one or two seeds some body had a bite on it lol. It looks so tempting is in't it?

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