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Do you think plant boards in fluence what plants are sold?

Discussion in 'INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, PROVOCATIVE, EDUCATIONAL' started by Stan, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    I've been posting and boasting about how well 'Petra' has done all summer for me. Whatever board I thought would be interested I posted photos. Now,it was here I was told the variety. Lo and behold, HD locally got in a big shipment of large for houseplants,Crotons. 'Petra'. And over the years some other plants I talked up a lot as should be more available like,Cyathea medullaris,Huperzia squarosa,even Aphelandra a plant I hadnt seen sold for over a decade..started to show up all over the internet,ebay,and ..HD.
    I guess plant boards and me ..but I'm sure in Miami - Atlanta and all around, boards with hardcore members wanting this and that,have maybe got the same feeling when they saw THAT plant for sale?.
    Just wondering.

    Influence!..sticky cheap keyboard. I have to push hard.
  2. Dypsisdean

    Dypsisdean Administrator Staff Member

    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    I kinda think a person is either interested in plants, or not. Seeing or hearing about something won't make any difference. I see the plants in every picture I see on the internet (if there are any), and every yard I pass when driving around.

    As to specific species, and promoting their popularity, yes - I think "plant boards" help, but it is still the guys who grow 'em, promote them, and get them in the stores that determine what is available. And they probably monitor and get ideas of what works and what is new and exciting from forums like this. At least they should be.
  3. This is the only forum that I'm a member of, and I'm not influenced much by what I see here, BECAUSE, I know that I can't have what I want, so I don't get my hopes up. I can't drive across state lines, and smuggle in something forbidden, so I don't even bother to get my hopes up. :( And when it comes to my property, NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Plants that I really wanted, didn't survive. And plants that meant very little to me, did great. Grrrrrrrr.... :(

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