Death of a Rare Dypsis - An Autopsy

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    Now that I got your attention, I'll try not to disappoint. :)

    I pulled the spear on this rare Dypsis about six months ago. And because it was irreplaceable, I kept up with the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment, with some pesticide and fungicide thrown in for good measure. I covered the "hole" so it wouldn't collect water. And it just sat there. The two existing fronds stayed green, so I held on to some hope. Then yesterday I took a stick and probed the "hole." It went down way too far. And when I put my nose down close, I got a whiff of fermentation. Not good. So I finally gave up, and dug it up. The growing point where the spear would have first emerged was about 6 inches below the surface. and I could put a stick down the "hole" where the spear was another four inches into the heart of the palm. So, up it came.

    Here is what it looked like after digging it up.

    IMG_1372PT.jpg IMG_1374PT.jpg

    And here you can see how the "outer" fronds are still "alive" with good color, but how the center is looking black and dead.


    So I cut it lengthwise to get an idea of what had happened to my irreplaceable Dypsis. You can get some idea of how the center/heart of the palm can be dead, but the outside fronds will give the appearance that the palm still has a chance. It's hard to know what is the best course of action sometimes. But IMO, this palm was not coming back - even though it still held two "healthy" green fronds. If I can offer one bit of advice as to what I learned on this one, and also on another that I just had a problem with, is that your nose is a good indicator. If you smell funk or fermentation going on, then you have a problem that hasn't gone away. And I doubt a new spear will emerge from that smelly funky "hole."

    IMG_1384PT.jpg IMG_1383PT.jpg

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