Cubanola domingensis

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    This is a pic of one of those plants I post every year because it is so dang cool. It also does surprisingly well where I have the am-sun, pm-shade on a rock pile. It hasn't grown fast for me and I haven't ever cut it back so it's a little bit gawky but the leaves don't yellow on me (which I thought they would). I've had it through three winters now, so I figure it's ok. I think it likes water but it will tolerate some drought (I should know, I'm a notorious underwaterer).

    I think it has finally been renamed Portlandia, but Cubanola is the name I bought it under. The seedpod that you can see behind the trumpet blossom has been on the plant for two whole years now. Is it ripe? Is it ready? Who knows...I pollinated it myself, so that's the only seedpod its ever had.

    Next Spring I'm going to cut back some of the more gangly stems. I think it probably grows larger and faster in its home in the Caribean but otherwise it does fine here.

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    That is what is so cool about collecting and growing plants. There will always be something you have never seen before.

    That's for sharing.

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