Croton Society - option to renew on-line?

Discussion in 'THE CROTON SOCIETY' started by RonDEZone7a, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. RonDEZone7a

    RonDEZone7a Active Member

    Wilmington, Delaware
    Does anyone know if we can renew our Croton Society Membership on-line. via PayPal. I could not find any web page to do so.
  2. Crazy for Crotons

    Crazy for Crotons Well-Known Member

    south Tampa, Bokeelia
    Hi Ron,

    I don't think Connie or Lee have seen this post. Let me pass this along and I apologize for not responding sooner.

  3. Dypsisdean

    Dypsisdean Administrator Staff Member

    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona

    The nearest they have is the form on the main Croton Society page which you can fill in on line, then print and mail. It is really quite fast and easy. But payment is by check or money order. You can visit that form HERE

    To set up the commerce software, a Paypal account, and any credit card arrangements, plus an option for withdrawl from a checking account, is a bit of work and expense. Plus Paypal and Credit Cards take a percentage of each transaction. Depending on the number of Croton Society members, this may not be worth it - or may necessitate a raise in annual membership.

    I could do a little research if the "Board" would like some specific info.

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