Cordyline Confusion

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  1. Anastasia Obsidian

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    Wimuama/Ruskin Fl Zone 9b
    Hi. I'm starting a SAE Project for my FFA chapter and I have a relatively new (or rare?) breed of Cordyline. It's called a Calypso Queen. Would someone be able to give me any information on how to care for them properly. I would love to raise them coorrectly. Please and Thank you.

  2. ScotTi

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    Anastasia, Welcome aboard! I do not know if I will be able to help or not, but I will Try. Are you refering to Cordyline fruiticosa? I have C. fruiticosa Calypso Queen growing here in central FL. Takes 1/2 - full day sun. Calypso Queen is a small leaf Ti and a slower grower than most Ti. Here is a photo of what I have as Calypso Queen (in flower).

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  3. Dypsisdean

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    You shouldn't have much trouble growing these. They are vey forgiving. However, let's first be sure we know what we are talking about. Try posting a pic. Or if Scott's pic is what you have, let us know.

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