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Cold in California.

Discussion in 'INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, PROVOCATIVE, EDUCATIONAL' started by Stan, May 19, 2015.

  1. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    The bay area at least. We are now in our 18thday in a row of foggy mornings,way below average temps. Temps that struggle to low 60's,maybe 65f. I don't think coastal soucal has been much better.
    I would say the previous two years we were fog free for the most part. If we did have fog,it was light and burned off early.
    This stuff now is real FriscoFog. Mark Twain fog.
  2. Jerry@TreeZoo

    Jerry@TreeZoo Well-Known Member

    How much moisture does fog add to crops? Isn't the morning fog very beneficial?
  3. Stan

    Stan Well-Known Member

    In the flat eastbay Jerry,almost none. The Fog can be thick...but at most a few minutes of drizzle,and its still relatively high. It's different right on the coast- Redwood drip is well known. What people might not realize is the Oakland hill's inland once was home to the largest Redwoods ever, some say. One account of a 450' Redwood being cut down in what might have been the best combo of very mild temps (frost free) and heavy rains being in the hills.
    Now? Just young Redwoods planted here and there and huge stands of Blue Gum....some are not into preserving them.
    Despite all this fog? I doubt its even enough for my Tillandsia's. I could be wrong since they can take moisture out of the higher humidity. We will see..
  4. Moose

    Moose Esteemed Member

    Coral Gables, FL Zone 10b
    Wishwe had your fog, brutally hot here. If it were not for the canopy, the garden would be in big trouble.

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