Bromeliads as container plants

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    Bromeliads are a perfect container plant. Provided you use a specialized soil mix, various species can be used to match whatever lighting conditions the container is in, from full shade to full sun. They have their own water tanks and are drought tolerant. Unlike most tropical plants they do not require a water drip line to stay alive. If under open sky they can live on rainwater most of the year. During the dry season, or if under an overhang roof they can be watered as little as once a month. They generally have less pest problems than other tropical plants too.

    As they continue to grow and pup you'll get some cool overhanging effects with certain species. Eventually healthy bromeliads will become overcrowded and require some clearing, but as they're generally slow growers the clearing is only needed once every year or so

    Here's some examples I've done recently of bromeliads in containers:

    20161017_125729.jpg 20160903_160034 (1).jpg 20160903_152944.jpg 20161025_140425.jpg 20161025_140133 (2).jpg 20160903_160049.jpg 20161017_124540.jpg 20161017_125356.jpg 20161017_120825.jpg 20161017_125541.jpg
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