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  1. junglegal

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    St. Pete FL
    While I generally get my plants through trade & local growers, today I stumbled upon some surprising finds at Lowes. Seems Monrovia has moved in. Some plants offered one usually don't see offered around these parts.
    Broms- fireballs, lil harv, ae blachetiana, tangerine,chantini
    AROIDS, alocasia black stem, borneo giants. Misc..ruby cordylines, red spiral gingers. While not rare, priced right. Especially the broms which had numerous pups. I don't even see these plants at the nurseries here. It's always the same regurgitated stock.
  2. Dypsisdean

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    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
    The Lowes nursery manager over here has some arrangement with about the only nursery on the island that dabbles in some of the rarer plants. I have found some really nice aroids that would be expensive and hard to find elsewhere for some very reasonable prices. Now that might not sound like front page news - but the rare plant selection here is generally slim pickens, and then super expensive when found - so I was very pleased.

    Perhaps Lowes is making an attempt to deal with more "specialty" nurseries - that would be a appreciated trend. As a note - the Home Depot has a horrendous selection of the boring everyday plants you see in every garden in town.

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