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    There is a Sabal in my neighborhood that has had the town palmies talking for a couple decades. It could very well be a Sabal palmetto with some type of variance in it's expression. That would be my guess. It could also be a species other than palmetto. I have included shots of the canopy in this post and will put close ups of the leaves on the next. In my opinion it is quite disparate of the normal palmetto form in its ribbon like divisions as opposed to the typical costapalmate form. The inflorescence is appearently sterile. I am going to revisit this palm in three months to see if the newest flower set is again sterile. The sterility may suggest a hybrid. As much as I love Sabals I am not sure if the same rules apply to sabal hybrids with regard to self sterility. Take a look and if you have an opinion then by all means..

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    Here are some more shots of the petioles and leaves of the mystery palm (the dried leaves), both abaxial and adaxial hastula are slightly similar to the typical palmetto leaf (the green one). But they are different enough to give pause for consideration.

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    Hey Dean I have a great idea, next time you want to do a guess the palm's species for $100, you should throw this Sabal in. I'll send photo's and herbarium samples to Fairchild or Montgomery and we'll try to get a species out of them and then you can include this sucker in you're next guess for bucks game. Lets see Frito nail this one in one try!
    Seriously though, there most not be many sabal folks out there. I have these pics posted on the CFPACS site as well and nobody has taken a stab at it. Maybe I'll write the curator of palms at Fairchild, she may know someone willing to try this one. She's humored me before, maybe I'll try my luck again!
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    just ran across this thread.

    very unique sabal, looks like a palmetto but definently different. I think is a genetic variation of S. palmetto.

    kinda like the opposite of Sabal 'lisa' wih crunched fronds and no leaflets, where this one has fine wispy leaflets.

    Did you write any experts at Fairchild? wonder what the deal is with this palm.
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    I think he's already on to it now. :)
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    I agree it would seem to be a drifting expression of the palmetto. The interesting thing at this time is that all of the other palmettos in the area are flush with flowers. This form has none. When I make my annual pilrimage to Fairchild in Janurary, I will contact the palm curator. It used to be Christy Jones but her name is not on the list of contacts anymore. I will bring it to their attention.

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