A Hardy Ginger Worth Trying

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    This is a ginger from the Himalayan region - Hedychium greenii - It grows and over winters in the ground as far north as Oregon. Is is very attractive in and out of flower. It grows easily and quickly while providing that tropical look. And it only grows about six feet tall. In addition, it is very shallow rooted so as it fills in places you may not want it, it is very easily pulled and controlled.

    If you get this started in your garden, you will have a constant supply of new plantlets (left over of the flowers) to put in another location - or it is also an excellent pot plant for several seasons.

    There will be several opportunities to purchase some for very reasonable prices on the AUCTION SITE.

    IMG_2494.jpg OGinger1.jpg OGinger.jpg OGinger2.jpg IMG_2522.jpg IMG_2523.jpg
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