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Jan 9, 2020
Jul 8, 2009
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Judy Glock

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Jan 9, 2020
    1. pocomo
      Another of may "beauties". Stretched and in a 1 gal. At least I had it for you. Would have been there if I hadn't got out of the hospital the day before and set up with a picc line for future antibiotic administration. Diverticulitis with micro perforation. Feeling pretty good now thanks, just taking time to heal with a 6 week get well diet. Hope to see you all soon.
      1. Judy Glock
        Judy Glock
        Chris! Hope everything is going well! You take care of yourself! Thanks, again! Judy
        Nov 5, 2014
    2. Rags
      You guys have the greatest looking plants.... keep up the excellent work! and........ please post some more inspirational pics :D
    3. koki
      Hi Judy,
      Danielle and I are planning to be on Big Pine Key starting around April 15th till about May 7th. Hopefully we can see you guys.
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