Sep 28, 2007
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Big Island of Hawaii - Kona

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Administrator, Male, from Big Island of Hawaii - Kona

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At War With Spam Apr 21, 2014

    1. Kingdavid
      i would like some help with downloading pictures . MY OLD METHOD JUST DOESNT WORK ANY MORE ?
    2. KeithinSoJax
      Dean, if the Central FL Palm & Cycad Society were interested in setting up a sub forum (public, of course, but still CFPACS focused), how would we do that?
      1. Dypsisdean
        Hey Keith, any further info to share after bringing it up at your meeting?
        Dec 27, 2015
    3. Ranger Smith
      Ranger Smith
      Dean, is this the private message function that you were telling me about? I left a message with Kipjanet in the same way, but I haven't heard back from him yet, and I don't know if it's actually private, since I can see other people's comments to you. :) Jeff
    4. Native son
      Native son
      Great work Dean, I have lost my ability to upload pictures. I loaded the new Apple update and I go thru my normal steps for posting pics and after an extended period it drops me but continues to chew (the little spinning icon) it has been spinning for several hours. I use my IPad exclusively. Help Thank You Lamar
      1. Dypsisdean
        Lamar - the developers are working on it. It is an incompatibility between softwares at the moment
        Oct 1, 2014
      2. Native son
        Native son
        Great that gives me hope. Thanks for the message, OLD DOGS need their toys.
        Oct 1, 2014
      3. Dypsisdean
        This appears to be a bug in iOS 8.0.0 - and there are some reports it has been fixed in iOS 8.0.2 the current update. Let me know what happens when you get the latest version. If it doesn't work then, there is another suggestion to make it work.
        I might also add that it only appears to affect Safari - so another browser might work for you.
        Oct 2, 2014
    5. Pix
      Dean, I want to remove my second political post in my thread "Guys, look what my Mammey is doing!" I am very sorry. I am very upset. I hope the weather will be better tomorrow!!!
    6. Dypsisdean
      At War With Spam
    7. Jeff Searle
      Jeff Searle
      Hey Dean,

      What's up? What's new? It's too bad your not joining us in Thailand, are you and Angela still going to Bali?
    8. ScotTi
      Dean, As always thanks for all the hard work you do here on Palmpedia. Scott
    9. ScotTi
      Dean, Anyway to get a Free section in the Classifieds? I will have free seed and stuff to offer going forward. Scott
    10. rpebinger
      Hey Dean

      I was in the Classified section and tried to click on Scott (McIntosh's) ad for the Arenga Engleri seed. When I clicked on the the "Buy It" button - it took me back to the home page of Palmpedia.

      I have to admit - I am notorious for not reading directions - but even when I went back and tried to see if I did something wrong......I either missed it or there is an issue.

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    Big Island of Hawaii - Kona
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